Videosystem Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain Step On,Easy Paw Activated Drinking Pet Dispenser,Fresh Water,Sturdy,Easy to Use,Providing Constant Stream,Y Splitter Included

  • Price : 45.90

This Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Fountain Pet Dispenser Designed for Providing Dog Constant Stream.

Fresh and clean water at all times.
Encourages dog drinking.
Activated upon pet's demand.
Superior materials.No leakage due to high quality copper valve.
Easy installation.
Easy and Quick Training.
Y Splitter Included

Install in shady location to minimize effect of sun's heat on water.
Be sure to disconnect in freezing weather conditions to prevent freezing and resultant damage to fountain and Y Splitter.

Within a matter of minutes, you can install this dog water fountain outdoors in your preferred location. No batteries, no electrical outlets - and no more water bowls to clean. Enjoy !
**there should be a tie or reed at the link, otherwise it will have chance to fall off**

  • Unlimited clean water on demand for drink or play by this water fountain pet dispenser for dogs.
  • Easy activation and training: Step-on dog fountain quickly trains your dog to step up on paw-design pedal.
  • Fast installation: Set up this dog water fountain requires absolutely no specialized skill.
  • Y Splitter Included: A 2-way Y hose connector that let you easily connect this pet water fountain to your water connection,adjusting water pressure is done easily using the control valve on it.**there should be a tie or reed at the link, otherwise it will have chance to fall off**
  • Premium Materials: heavy gauge steel to guarantee its strength and durability.
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