Fairly Odd Novelties Redneck Plunger Christmas Tree Funny Toilet Humor Holiday Gift

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Get your holidays out of the dumps with the Redneck plunger Christmas tree from Fairly Odd Novelties! Get ready for the laughs that other novelty trees simply can't bring! Just open up the set, insert the included boughs into the pre-drilled plunger handle (no duct tape required) and voila! You now have a tree that makes both Larry the cable guy and Charlie brown proud! Before long you'll find your self singing, “Oh sh*tmas tree, Oh sh*tmas tree…” and having the whole room in tears! This Redneck Reinvention is here to help The spirit of Christmas run right through you! Grab yours today for your bathroom, your buddies, or just to add that special wholesome touch to your Christmas décor; no matter what, the Redneck plunger Christmas tree is ready to make your “yule log” a little easier to celebrate! This tree is perfect for any Secret Santa or office holiday party, and is sure to drudge up some laughs at the family gathering. Order yours today and Git 'every done this holiday season! Once assembled, the Redneck plunger Christmas tree is about 12" Wide and 19” tall. Overall assembled dimensions are 12.10" X 10.90" X 18.30". Limbs are on traditional artificial tree wrapped metal branches, and can be bent and adjusted to get the shape and fit desired. Set includes seven branches and one red bow for the top. Plunger handle is 8.75" In Length and has a diameter of 0.85".

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