COOLPET, Dual Dog Leash | Heavy Duty Training Double Leash for Dogs, Resistant and Strong Hook with Safety Lock and 360 ° Rotation Technology, Soft to The Touch and Comfortable, 1pc

  • Price : $27.00
  • Price : $27.00
  • Price : $27.00
Size:Unique  |  Color:Aguacate

We incorporate the latest technology in terms of materials and design in our double dog leash , without leaving out great comfort and style.

- The leash is made with 100% polyester band materials.
- High strength hook-and-loop safety technology, supports up to 5 times your dog’s weight.
- Resistant to tearing, fraying and biting.
- UV sun protection incorporated.
- It does not contain toxic materials, it’s hypoallergenic and incorporates our logo is made of silicon non toxic.
- Doesn’t damage your pet’s hair or yours skin.
- Unmatched warranty.

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Being a totally Mexican brand, we are very happy to share this milestone with you. And we are also grateful that you entrust us with the safety, comfort and great style of your pet.

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  • [UNIQUE DESIGNS] Dress your Dog in a fashion way using COOLPET products, Top product all over México and now USA. Forget about straps with generic and boring designs, such as leather or metal straps. Our designs are 100% made for our brand, so they are unique and exclusive, you will not find them anywhere else. Additionally, you will notice that we don’t only design to deliver style, but also we want to seek the best well-being and comfort for you and your beloved puppy.
  • [SAFETY FIRST] Our dual dog leash is made 100% of the highest quality Polyester in the market, so your puppy will have a hard time chewing it. No matter how strong your dog pulls you, this leash will not break and your dog will not run away thanks to its hook-and-loop safety technology, , and reinforcement integrated with each seam. This will reinsure your peace of mind that your dog will not get loose and lost. We designed this leash to hold up to 5 times more than conventional dog leashes.
  • [TAKING CARE FOR BOTH YOU AND YOUR PET] As if all of the above isn’t enough, in addition to a great design and strength, all of the materials of this leash are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Absolutely everything is designed so that your pet does not get hurt, The metal part are covered with matte Color Tech and the design is so Cool! Run with your leash for two dogs tangle free without any worries!
  • [A THOUSAND WAYS TO USE IT] This strap is for serious usage. You can add to it any kind of biodegradable bags case, incorporate it into any belt to make it a hands-free running leash. You can use it to connect your double or triple leash, incorporate to a dog harness or you can complement it with our own and exclusive COOLPET DOG COLLARS, or any collar for that matter.
  • [COMMITTED TO YOUR ENTIRE SATISFACTION] We are so sure of our double dog has outstanding quality, that we can offer you the best guarantee there is in the market. Try this product and if you don’t absolutely fall in love with it, we will return your money no questions asked. You just have to contact us to let us know this situation during the first 30 days from your purchase. We will let you know how to return the product and once we get back, we will make a full refund for you.
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